Riverwood Center in Berrian County, Michigan, has contracted with Futures HealthCore and Davis Deshaies to implement an individual service authorization process for people with developmental disabilities.  In brief, Riverwood has experienced significant increased growth in the amount and cost of developmental disabilities services while at the same time public revenues have not kept pace. Additionally, people and families have expressed increasing interest in selecting a different array of supports than are currently offered by the Riverwood provider network.  To address these opportunities, Riverwood has undertaken a major reform initiative with the intent of restructuring the service network and pricing of supports.

Davis Deshaies has produced the following products to assist Riverwood in its pursuit of reform:

  1. Service Algorithms
  2. Executive Briefing Document
  3. Financial Claims Analysis
  4. Riverwood Resource Allocation Protocol (RAP) tool
  5. Riverwood Resource Allocation Protocol (RAP) User's Manual
  6. Microsoft ACCESS cost allocation tool