The person-centered planning process is being designed specifically for Montana by a Personal Support Planning Steering Committee with aid and consultation from Peggy Ogle and Diane White, Program Design, Inc. from Florida.

PSP Steering Committee info:
Meeting minutes:
December:  PCPSC Meeting Minutes 12.14.04
January:  Work Plan memo (members list, meeting dates & work plan)

February: PCPSC Meeting Minutes 02.16.05

Case Manager News memo

Information and handouts from the Personal Support Planning presentations on March 14, 15, & 16:
1. The Agenda
2. Components of the System
3. Sample Comparison
4. Matt's Planning Document
5. Matt's Calendar
6. Matt's Story

-March 16 PSP Steering Commitee Meeting Minutes

-April 26 PSP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

-May 18 PSP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

-PSP Steering Committee minutes 6-15-05

-August PSP Steering Committee minutes

-Request for Feedback on Forms and Instructions

for the Personal Support Planning process


-Introduction and Overview

-PSP Forms 1 and PSP Forms 2

-Feedback Form

-September 2005 PSP Steering Committee minutes

-November 2005 PSP Steering Committee minutes

December PSP Steering Committee minutes

2006 December PSP meeting minutes

PSP Feedback Responses