Montana Project Work Papers

The documents listed below were created as part of the Montana Reimbursement Rate Initiative, and are presented for review and downloads.

Reference Documents

Market Analysis

Joint Appropriations Sub Committee on Human Services Presentation

Shadowing Report – September & October 2004  

Pilot II Implementation Plan

SB433-Senator Lind's Bill-Medical Savings Accounts  

SFY 2006 Provider Budget with Rates 

Service Utilization Standards April 2006

R II ICP Tool Box May 2006

R II Invoicing Tool Box May 2006

R II Transportation Survey

Risk Pool Letter

DDP rates project update

SURS Audit Guide

QA Pilot Evaluation Form

ICP Acceptance Protocol

Mini Mona Validation -updated 7-13-07

Evaluation Final Report -updated 7-13-07

 DD April 2006 Rates

Small provider Supported Living Rate

Adult Foster Home Rates

Child Foster Home Rates

Individual Resource Allocation Protocols

MONA Adults v. 10.1 -updated 7-13-07

MONA Guidelines v. 10.1 -updated 7-13-07

Mini-Mona 2007

MONA Scoring Tool April 1, 2006

MONA Wait list Scoring Tool May 10, 2006

Advisory Committee Minutes – 1/19/06
Advisory Committee Minutes - 2/28/06

Advisory Committee Minutes 4/4/06
Advisory Committee Minutes -04/27/06
Advisory Committee minutes - 6/7/06

Advisory Committee minutes - 8/16/06
Advisory Committee Minutes - 9/28/06

State Advisory Committee Handouts

Montana Advisory November 2006
ICP Training May 2006
Montana Advisory June 2006
Transportation Power Point
Montana DD Presentation 06/01/05
Montana Joint Appropriation 03-29-2006
Montana Rate Examples May 2006
Montana Reg 1 & 3 work plan 1-19-2006

State Advisory Commitee Dec 2005

PowerPoint Presentation
Children’s Assessment Tool

Provider Training Documents:

Provider Self-Determination Assessment Tool
Montana DD presentation 060105

Planning Primer Montana

HCBS Policy Documents -new 7-13-07

Intirim Policy for HCBS waiver rate reimbursement for service providers

Intirim Policy for HCBS waiver rate reimbursement for service providers and case management

Intirim policy for HCBS waiver for adult habilitation

HCBS waiver policies reference table 1 and 2

HCBS waiver policies attachments 2 through 5