Davis Deshaies LLC is a small consulting firm of state and national leaders in the field of developmental disabilities. Davis Deshaies focuses on customizing state and provider agency management technologies to promote individual and family choice in selecting self-directed supports. The members of Davis Deshaies LLC consist of a state directors, provider agency directors, clinicians, families and self-advocates, and financial and information system designers.  Working together since 1998, this team has assisted the states of Arizona, California, Florida, District of Columbia, Kentucky, Nebraska, Montana, Delaware, Michigan, Indiana, New Mexico, and Ohio to implement invidual service authorization processes and individual purchasing tools which connect the principles of self-determination and personal control.

Key members of Davis Deshaies LLC include:

Roger Deshaies, Norm Davis,  Gayle Davis, Mel Dodd, Tom Schramski, Eileen Richey, Billy Stokes, Kai Wong, Shay Smith, Jaylon Finncannon, Denny Amundsen, Bernice Morehead, Bob McCaffrey, Lynnette Bragg, Jim Littler, Ellen Joss.

Key affliliations with Davis Deshaies LLC include:

E-Coast Rehab Corporation, Lloyd Rockhold Center at the University of Louisiana, JVGA Associates, Foxsys Management Information Systems, Salience Consulting, Program Design Inc., Dangremond & Associates, Arbitre Inc.